PhD course in St Petersburg on Mathematical and Statistical Modeling of Ecological Data

PhD course in St Petersburg on Mathematical and Statistical Modeling of Ecological Data 23. – 27.04.2012

Organizers: Andrei Brodsky and Otso Ovaskainen

The course is aimed primarily for Russian PhD students, though also post docs and advanced master-level students are welcomed. Topics include an introduction to biodiversity, an introduction to population dynamics, modelling methods in ecology and evolutionary biology, models of animal movement, models of (meta) population dynamics, and the use of linear models in the analysis of spatiotemporal data. The course consists of theory lectures, computer exercises and group discussions. The language of the course is English, but there is a possibility for some language support in Russian. Preliminary programme is found here.

The students are given beforehand a number of papers for background reading, and course material (e.g. lecture handouts) will be made in this www-page.

Financial support is available for local costs (daily allowance of 15 euros per day), travel and accommodation.

Quota: 20 students. To apply for the course, write a brief (at most one A4) description of your background (including prior experience in modelling) and current research project (emphasizing a possible link to the EBFB project). Give an estimate for the need for travel support. Please submit your application (one pdf file, written in English) by February 15th by email to (with cc to Selection criteria: student’s background, relevance of the research project in the context of the EBFB project.


Background reading

Lecture material

Lecture 1   Lecture 2   Lecture 3   Lecture 4   Lecture 5

Computer exercises

Regression   GLMwithSpatial  GLMFlyingSquirrels  MovementAndHabitatSelection  MovementCorridor    MetapopulationModel


1. Andrey Korolev, 2. Sergey A. Korosov, 3. Tatyana Oslina, 4. Svetlana Abdulmanova, 5. Yuliya Gorodilova, 6. Konstantin Tirronen, 7. Otso Ovaskainen, 8. Tatjana Chernenkova, 9. Ulisses Camargo, 10. Danila Panchenko, 11. Irina Trukhanova, 12. Dmitrij Kobylkov, 13. Marina Kudryavtseva, 14. Jussi Jousimo, 15. Sanna Mäkeläinen, 16. Elena Tikhonova, 17. Marina Poltavtseva, 18. Juri Kurhinen, 19. Olga Pesterova
Not in the picture: Andrei Brodsky, Vladimir Levchenko, Eliezer Gurarie, Vladimir Menshutkin, Anna Rettieva, Aleksandr Ryumin, Irina Netseplyayeva, Nadezda Beliaeva, Anastasiya Balashova, Mariya Bogomazova


The course consisted of lectures, computer exercises and of group work